Neem’s Microbial Balancing Powers

Written by Susan Bowes, Owner Tattva’s Herbs

Hello fellow Lyme Disease sufferers. I thought I should share my own personal experience with Lyme disease and the hell I went through…but came out on the “other side”, so there is some hope for those suffering from this disease. I contracted lyme disease many years ago, while on a trip to northern CA- before it became a well known disease.

Since I live in the northwest, where lyme disease is very uncommon, it took quite a while for the diagnosis to be confirmed. I first had the bite looked at, before I had any real symptoms except fatigue. Naturally the doctor said don’t worry- but I was worried! The bite was growing so big & I never saw anything like it- it was scary, not normal- but classic. About a week went by, and by that time, all my joints were so swelled up- I was in so much pain all over my body. I had no strength to even pull the blanket up over myself. I was foggy, couldn’t sleep, and felt helpless.

First I was put on several runs of oral antibiotics. When that didn’t help I was put on intravenous antibiotics. Still nothing helped. My husband and I both started researching. We both were interested in natural medicine and particularly oriental medicine and the ancient Science of Ayurveda (from India). We read about a well known herb called Neem Tattva's Herbs Neemthat has been used for thousands of years for many different diseases and symptoms- often working like an antibiotic, without all the harmful side effects. Knowing that herbal medicine can often take a while to get the full effects, unlike western medicine- I decided to try this Neem- what did I have to lose?! I started taking about 2,500 mg. a day. It took 3-4 months, but gradually my symptoms started going away.

After 6 months I reduced my dose to 1,000 mg. a day- by that time I had just some swelling in some of my joints- but nothing like before. Since that time I have put it to the test by taking breaks from it, and after two or three weeks of being off the Neem, my symptoms will return. I know I have this bug in my body and will for my whole life- but I also have a way of controlling it so I can lead a normal life.

The one side effect from taking the neem is that it can dry out my skin (which is a small price to pay) So I also found out recently that oil of oregano can be taken for a week or two when I want to take a break from the Neem. It is also important to have a good quality product. Neem extract is more powerful than the whole herb and it should be organic.

For many years I have been taking our products, which are very pure and dependably good quality. I also found that I have to keep my immune system strong in order to fight off the nasty attacks. The product I found to keep my strength up is called Chyawanprash…I haven’t even caught a cold, flu or anything else that is contagious since I’ve been on it. I hope this information can be of help for some of you who are suffering from Lyme disease. Patience is important, as it does take a while to take effect- but its worked for me for over a decade, and I know it has helped other people as well.

There is hope!!

6 thoughts on “Neem’s Microbial Balancing Powers

  1. Thanks Susan, I may try this. I caught Bartonella and Borrelia from a tick bite in Pennsylvania two years ago, and I am on constant antibiotics to keep them at bay. Like you, 2-3 weeks off them and it comes back. I use neem topically and I have experience with it being antifungal, so I can imagine it may help with the fungal overgrowth side effects of antibiotics for which I now take oregano oil, but it can be harsh on my stomach. Your prescription of 2500 mg rings true with other advise I’ve heard from an Indian to take a teaspoon of pulverized leaves with some butter milk or yogurt once a day for as long as needed. If ever I’m not able to get antibiotics (either because of insurance involvement, willfully ignorant doctors, greedy doctors who I can’t afford, or travel to a country where it’s not recognized) this will be the first thing I try.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I started taking Tattva’s Neem about six weeks ago, not sure yet if it is helping, but I will keep going. How many pills of the neem would I have to take a day to get 2,500mg ?

    Sabine Burns

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Each capsule is about 500 mg., and I’m sure if you continue to take the Neem and find the proper dosage for you, it will work! Thanks again.

      • We cannot recommend increasing your dose as we are not licensed professionals, and recommend consulting your Health Care Professional. However, often times Neem needs to be kept in the system for several months before results can be seen.

      • Hello, Sabina. We recommend consulting with your Health Care Professional regarding higher dosages; and make sure to tell them this is a Supercritical Extraction.

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