Sukti’s Ayurveda Garden World

A large part of understanding Ayurveda is understanding nature. By spending time in my own garden I can connect with the biorhythms of Mother Earth. Being close to plants in this way, growing my own food (when possible) and helping to create a beautiful, colorful space strengthens my relationship with Prakriti, a Sanskrit word describing the basic nature of intelligence that is the foundation of all creation. Eastern health systems recognize this need for strengthening our relationship with Prakruti as a biological necessity. Most life forms satisfy this necessity through procreation, yet because not everyone has or will have children, having a garden to tend to and nurture can be a delightful alternative, or addition to family life.

Sukti's Garden WorldMy Living Art when not working at Tattva’s Herbs!

Each year we observe the natural process of existence through the seasons and cycles of life, death and rebirth. Our world is in constant flux and flow, and this can be seen in the plant world as well. As the sun gets stronger and heat becomes rampant we enter summer time, Pitta season. Pitta Dosha consists of the fire and water elements so it is necessary to balance out the heat in our bodies with cooling foods, herbs and activities. Green salads and vegetables, berries and other fruits are great for a summer diet. Of course it is necessary to soak up some solar energy to warm the bones, as long as we’re careful not to get too much. In Ayurveda many things can be either medicinal or poisonous, so long as we consider moderation, then we can balance from a holistic perspective.

So we need to look no further than our own gardens for medicine! Fresh greens for salads and teas cool the blood and provide nutrition and lightness. Edible goodies sourced locally have ample prana or life force energy, being most fresh from the earth.

2 thoughts on “Sukti’s Ayurveda Garden World

  1. Its a dream world living a life with nature and ayurveda. If the world is empowered with ayurvedic products, there would be no diseases in a long run. The basic starts with the planting.

    jack from bizbilla b2b portal

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